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Let passion drive your Profession

                                                 ~ Oprah Winfrey

Madhavan B Nair

Chartered Financial Consultant

Academic Qualification:






1107 St.George's Ave

Colonia, New Jersey 07067


Career Journey

Madhavan B Nair, a native of Trivandrum started his career with Air Force at the age of 19. He served different part of the country, transformed into different disciplines. With this unique experience, he ultimately landed in USA by destiny.

Even with full exposure of the stock market in India as a Stock Exchange member and Portfolio Manager, experienced the bull and bear phase of Indian market including the Harshad Mehta scam effect. In fact, the Harshad Mehta effect has made him to change his course of profession and propelled him to USA for Academic business exploration which has opened an opportunity for him in MetLife as a Financial professional.

He was also invited to be part of MetLife team to explore the ethnic Asian Market opportunity. MetLife since 1997 gained Asian Indian business substantially year after year. He performed very well and gained all the recognition possible and became top 1% of the industry. In the year 2005, he acquired an existing Allstate full-service agency business and continue serving the community.

Professional Wisdom

His experience and knowledge enabled him to develop financial models using Insurance Concepts to minimize the risk and optimizing the returns. This has given result to recapture Loss Opportunity Cost which otherwise is not feasible. That approach has gained substantial appreciation and acceptance.

Work Experience

March 2005 - till date

Feb 1995 - Feb 2005

Jan 1989 - Jan 1996

Jan 1986 - Jan 1990

Jan 1971 - Nov 1985

MBN Insurance & Financial Services Inc.

President & Principal

Chartered Financial Consultant

MetLife Insurance

Investment Adviser, Financial Planner

MDRT Mentor

Grand Jury Finance  and Investment Ltd.

Cochin Stock exchange member

Bhaskar & Co Stock Broking and Portfolio management

Trivandrum Bar


Kerala University

Resource Person, Commerce & Management 

Indian Air force


Aerodrome Safety and Air Traffic control.

  • Life and Continuing member of MDRT, a Premier Association of Financial Professionals

  • Life member - MetLife President’s Conference/ Chairman’s Conference

  • Allstate Honor Ring (2008)

  • Allstate National Conference


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